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EmployID is a research project aiming at supporting public employment services and their employees in adapting to the changes to their world of work by facilitating the development of their professional identities.

EmployID at ICELW 2014

The EmployID concept will be presented at the ICELW 2014 Conference.An abstract has been accepted and now a full paper version is under revision.The paper discusses the main concepts of professional identity transformation and facilitation of learning processes that are related to this process. In a first phase of contextual exploration the complexity of design challenges has started to reveal.

Digital Security: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust

The EU launched a 47 Mio. € project to review the EU Data Privacy and Security Policy: One of the topics to be researched is the way how to indicate to a citizen the risk he's assuming by consuming Internet Services. In the following article in CT 02-2015 Prof. Dr.

Kick-Off Meeting at Vienna

After already several months of amazing engagement, the project had its official kick-off on February 6/7 in Vienna.

All the partners have discussed intensely on 

  • the challenges of fast changing working and learning practices and identities in public employment services
  • the need for agility in providing learning to their employees
  • and the constraints of security and privacy considerations.

It has become obvious that supporting learning has fundamentally different requirements in terms of openness, networking and exchange with others than the need for security and privacy of operational administrative systems. These diverging requirements and ways how to satisfy both will be one of the important topics of the four years project.

The interdisciplinary and multinational team drafted an agenda for the first months, ranging from strategies to engage a diverse set of stakeholders to exploring the architectural and technical possibilities. 

Pre-Kickoff virtual meeting

Continuing with the same dedication and level of engagement, all EmployID partners meet today via Flashmeeting to coordinate the activities for the kick-off in February. These activities around MOOCs, involving associate partners and discussing joint activities, exploration of ideas and setting up a sustainable and effective collaborarion infrastructure give the project a headstart.