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How to participate

You can join the Associate Partner Network (APN) of EmployID, which consist of organisations of different areas, who are interested in the various areas and expected results of the project. The APN is an open network and actively invites additional institutions and individuals to join.  Get in contact with any of the consortium members to find out how to become a member, or subscribe via the link under. 

The concept of the APN is the following:
  •  a formal mechanism for structuring relations with the wider community (public administration, research, industry)
  •  a forum for exchanges between EmployID and various sectors relevant for an early feedback, use and further uptake of the results of EmployID
  •  conducts two-way communication with other research structures and training initiatives
  •  communication mainly via events and regular electronic consultation
  •  potential for specific collaboration on project-related activities

For more details about the APN and its benefits, please download the following document: Associate Partner Network


Click here to subscribe to the project updates and to get involved as Stakeholder