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Employ-ID for PES

What is Employ-ID?

European Public Employment Services (PES) are key agents in the labour market and support Europe’s strategic goal of high levels of employability. In order to perform successfully, PES constantly need to adapt to change due to economic turbulences and societal challenges such as demographic change. PES thus have precipitated a need for transformation and continuous development and embed a professional culture of continuous improvement. Both, PES managers and counsellors need to acquire a set of new transversal skills and competencies in order to support their own and their clients’ career adaptability and resilience.

EmployID is a major EU‐funded four‐year project which aims to support PES staff to develop appropriate competences that address the need for integration and activation of job seekers in fast changing labour markets. It builds upon career adaptability in practice, including career management skills and quality as well as evidence‐based frameworks, for enhanced organisational learning. It also supports the learning process of PES practitioners and managers in their professional identity development by supporting the efficient use of technologies to provide advanced coaching, reflection, networking and learning support services. The project focuses on scalable and cost effective technological developments that empower individuals and organisations to engage in transformative learning practices, assisting their capability to adapt to rapidly changing pressures and demands.