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Benefits for PES

European PES are cordially invited to participate in the project in varying ways. The benefits of engaging with EmployID include:

  • Presentation of new concepts for learning and knowledge exchange, ecoaching, reflection and facilitation, specifically targeting drivers and barriers for learning amongst PES practitioners and managers.
  • Access to a suite of innovative tools for networked learning, e‐coaching, reflection facilitation and learning analytics, adapted to the different PES context (e.g. considering issues of security and privacy).
  • First‐hand access to the analysis of practitioner‐orientated and academic research findings, including challenges and innovative practices across European labour markets.
  • Mutual knowledge exchange and participation in selected project activities, such as workshops, training, etc. Individual analysis of the learning context of the interested PES and the potential for further collaboration initiatives.
  • Attendance at meetings at major events in Europe related to EmployID topics (possibility to reimburse travel costs).
  • Added impetus and information to inform and support the change process taking place through the work of ‘PES to PES Dialogue’ and the World Association of Public Employment Services.
  • Use of the name and logo on the EmployID website as well as a banner to include in their own website (Member of EmployID Associate Partner Network).