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To meet the challenging project goal of supporting PES in their transformation process EmployID follows an agile design and development approach that involves researchers/designers, learning and coaching experts, as well as PES representatives.

In EmployID we understand professional identity transformation as a complex and continuous learning process, that needs to be supported on an

  • individual,
  • organisational and
  • European network level

leading to improved individual and organisational performance on employment counselling and support. The following image shows how we plan to offer facilitation in various forms across the different levels:


EmployID facilitation approach

In terms of technology, EmployID builds on mature platforms that are (i) combined in a meaningful way and (ii) customized and extended by functionality that support individuals facilitating the learning processes that constitute an identity transformation process. This will result in a generic EmployID tool suite for PES organisations that, in a second step, is contextualised for specific organisations based on the mash-up paradigm. The issue of privacy is deeply integrated into the design process.

EmployID tool suite

Continue reading about EmployID  Objectives, the Theory, or see our short and explanatory video Overview