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EmployID Peer Coaching at 62. GfA Spring Congress 2016

At the 62. Spring Congress (“Frühjahrskongress”) of the Society of Ergonomics and Work Science (GfA) Carmen Wolf (KIT) presented the current status on peer coaching in EmployID. The short paper (in German) on peer coaching written together with Gerd Gidion (KIT) was published in the digital conference proceedings. The presentation can be viewed here.In the fifteen minutes presentation the main aims of EmployID and the support through peer coaching to tackle these aims were introduced. There was very much interest particular of two participants on how the European wide exchange can look like, how coaching skills are procured and how peer coaching groups are built or interested persons find each other for peer coaching.Coaching was introduced by other participants at GfA within a workshop on resilience by the project Resilire which outcome was a psychological questionnaire on resilience that will soon be translated in English too. In the named project coaching was used to support resilience. Since career resilience is one of the identified core, innovative constructs for EmployID training and capacity building a lot of useful information was gathered to prepare a training for resilience in the upcoming year.