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Croatian Employment Service joins as full partner

From 1st of February 2015, the EmployID project is joined by a further PES representative – the Croatian Employment Service (CES). The Croatian Employment Service plays a leading role in the development of the Croatian labour market, with the mission of effective mediation in the labour market achieved by increasing the quality of service adjusted to the clients’ needs, along with the development of knowledge, skills and abilities of the CES employees and the promotion of cooperation of the labour market actors. The EmployID project provides the opportunity to upgrade competences of CES staff and employ useful tools for facilitation of counsellors’ everyday work with clients, but also the opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices in European public employment services, coaching process, IT tools and other innovative techniques of learning.

As a first activity within the project, during February 9 and 10, 2015 three workshops have been conducted with CES experts from the central management level, the regional management level and with CES practitioners in order to discuss changing roles of CES experts and potential ways to address these changes. The participants of the workshops drew their attention in particular to the need for an enhanced exchange and sharing of information on experiences and practices implemented by CES on the same eye-level (e.g. between colleagues of the same hierarchical level) as well as across hierarchies. New ways of communication are regarded to improve and facilitate CES's work. The project continues the contextual research within the institution in order to determine the focal points of further activities and provide direction for next steps.

Our outreach and engagement activities toward European PES, which we started during the first project year, has led to a successful integration of the Croatian PES to the project consortium. We are looking forward to a good cooperation and will allow other PES partners to get insights into our work.