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EmployID at International Association of Educational & Vocational Guidance, 18-21 September, 2015, Tsukuba, Japan

The expanded influence of ICT has been a key development over the past 30 years and looks set to dominate labour market changes in the foreseeable future. In parallel, modern employment and careers service delivery has become fundamentally IT-dependent, because of the profound changes evident to the methods of recruitment and job search.

As part of the symposium on Integrating ICT in employment and career practice: opportunities and challenges, Alan Brown, Jenny Bimrose & Deirdre Hughes presented a contribution that explored the impact of ICT on employment and careers work, some challenges and emerging opportunities. The validity of socially constructed knowledge and the influence on the training of employment and career practitioners were explored, through the use of closed private on-line learning programmes (using a MOOC learning platform) to support the continuing professional development and identity transformation of staff in public employment agencies in Europe.