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A simple tool for skills acquisition and problem solving: EmployID Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is emerging in PES across Europe as an important support mechanism for learning new skills and reflection on practice. Drawing on an extensive range of coaching, guidance and counselling literature, the EmployID team is currently looking at teaching others how to peer coach, what they can do to cultivate their own peer coaching network - a group of trusted people who can help each other by providing encouragement, a different perspective on obstacles and opportunities, and support to test out new and innovative ways of working. This is not a replacement for professional coaching, career guidance and/or counselling; instead, EmployID is co-creating with PES practitioners new approaches such as online communities of practice that enable PES practitioners to help each other in their efforts to deliver effective services to their varying client groups. Coaching,

to put it simply, is the process of helping others to improve performance and to develop their own capacities and capabilities to perform as best they can. The process of change can be difficult in some circumstances - it can provoke stress, anxiety and/or uncertainty. Peer coaching can be fun and, if done well, can build confidence and self-esteem because it involves learning and solving real everyday problems. Additional to providing the method and concept of peer coaching via training, EmployID is currently finding solutions for online peer coaching and is developing a tool for this matter. If you are interested in more information on peer coaching write an email at