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Labour market information (LMI) in Lifelong guidance (LLG) Thessaloniki, 16 May 2016

This seminar was attended mostly by international experts in LMI and career guidance, with published research on the topic, as well as promoters of relevant projects in the EU. Bearing in mind that Cedefop is currently implementing large scale initiative aiming at developing tools to support capacitation of guidance services in LMI and ICT, which can be integrated in the actual national versions of the toolkits, the workshop has:

  • Presented the results of Cedefop's study on LMI in lifelong guidance
  • Reflected upon conditions for the implementation of good practices
  • Discussed the key issues and challenges encountered when developing quality ICT and LMI for LLG
  • Discussed priorities for the development of LMI and ICT based services in the EU;
  • Identified further steps in the development of the LMI toolkits.

During the presentation, the EmployID project was highlighted, the EmployID flashdrive was distributed and the technological innovatory approach being adopt by the project with PES was emphasised.