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Michael Prilla

Ruhr-University of Bochum

Dr. Michael Prilla is a post doc researcher at the University of Bochum. In the winter term 2012/13 he was an interim professor at the University of Siegen. His primary interests are computer supported cooperative work and learning, service engineering and the improvement of cooperative work processes. His current focus is set on the development cooperative learning and reflection in workplaces with a special focus on the integration of tools into everyday work. He works on this focus in his role as the lead for the work package “Collaborative knowledge construction” in the European Project “MIRROR” (FP 7). Earlier, he was responsible for research in projects on international service engineering, innovation processes at work and several consulting activities on work and service processes in companies. He is a member of the German CSCW steering committee and has published more than 60 scientific papers in conferences such as ACM Group, ECSCW and CSCL as well as journals such as the Journal for Computer Supported Cooperative Work and the Communications of the ACM.  He serves on boards for several conferences such as ACM Group and ECSCW. In the proposed project, he will be the lead for WP 4 on reflection and e-coaching tools.