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Tomaž Klobučar

Jožef Stefan Institute

Dr. Tomaž Klobučar is a researcher at Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks at Jožef Stefan Institute and an assistant professor at Jožef Stefan Postgraduate School and DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies. His main interests are technology enhanced learning and information security. Lately, he has been actively involved in the FP projects, such as iCamp (creation of a social software based personal learning environment), ELENA (creation of a smart space for learning), PROLEARN (technology enhanced learning) and UNIVERSAL (building of a platform for exchange of learning resources). He is also a team leader in the eContentPlus ICOPER (competency-driven educational framework) and OpenScout (open resources for management teaching and training) projects. His scientific publication list includes over 80 items. Since 2006, Tomaž Klobučar has been involved in organisation of the joint European summer school on technology enhanced learning.