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Karlsruher Institut für Coaching, Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung (KIC)

The KIC portfolio ranges from coaching and mentoring to training and expert consulting;  providing
professional training and qualifications for coaches at all levels is one of our core competencies.

Our services comprise tailor-made solutions for one-time individual purposes as well as a variety of large scale strategic programs of personnel and organizational development. Coaching, supervision and therapy are also available online as multimedia virtual coaching, using the facilities of the CAI® Portal.

A systemic, solution-oriented approach provides the basic conditions needed to foster a culture of appreciation and mindfulness, unlocking the development of people and organizations. We act responsibly on the grounds of sound ethical guidelines.  
The Karlsruhe Institute for Coaching, Personnel and Organizational Development (Karlsruher Institut für Coaching, Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung) is the place to generate tailor-made solutions for businesses, groups and teams as well as for individuals.  

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