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Barbara Gogala

Zavod Republike Slovenije za zaposlovanje (Employment Service of Slovenia)

Barbara Gogala holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Ljubljana. For the last three years she is coordinating lifelong guidance services at the Employment Service of Slovenia (the ESS) and is actively involved in the development and improvement of individual, group and online counselling. Recently she cooperates with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in development of the Youth Employment Strategy. Before joining the ESS Central Office, she was offering counselling to the unemployed and providing guidance to youth in education and early school leavers. She has also been working as primary school counsellor.

Barbara Gogala is a licensed supervisor and offers supervision as a method of professional reflection to groups and teams of professionals working in schools and in the social field. As a member of the ANSE Board she is further involved in the international exchange of knowledge and good practice on supervision and coaching.  The ANSE (Association of National Organization for Supervision in Europe) is an umbrella organisation for 8000 supervisors and coaches across Europe (