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Online Educa Berlin Pre-Conference Workshop on the Changing World of Work and the Role of Identities

The world of work is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Technological developments, new management approaches, and the ever-increasing complexity of value creation processes, both challenge individuals and often drive them toward new job roles, resulting in uncertainty and a rethinking of the role of work for personal well-being.

A neglected but crucial aspect to this is professional identity, which is a key factor in developing resilience in a world characterized by uncertainty. It enables a shape change (instead of reacting to change) and determines motivation and openness toward new developments. Supporting the transformation of professional identity is a new frontier in human resource development. It requires a combination of collaborative and individual reflection, coaching and peer support, and it brings the role of narratives and their evolution to the forefront.

In this workshop, we want to engage with participants in a conversation about the role of professional identity as a focus area for learning & development, and how social learning technologies can facilitate it. This includes examples of using social online courses to stimulate reflection, courses and methods to develop coaching & peer facilitation skills, introducing solutions for visualizing and interpreting open data (in the context of labour market information), and the use of narratives to capture experiential knowledge.

Photos from the workshop

9:30 Welcome and introduction of the participants
9:50 Introduction to Identity Transformation
10:20 Group discussion on practical aspects of identity transformation and the changing world of work
11:20 Coffee break
11:50 Introduction to support identity transformation our interventions
12:10 Parallel Sessions on identity transformation skills, peer coaching, labour market information, narrative techniques

13:10 How to move forward


You can receive further information also from our consultancy web site:



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We provide our social online courses as open educational resources (free of charge and open to adapt to your own needs with a CreativeCommons license):

It particularly includes courses on

  • Peer Coaching
  • The Changing World of Work

both of which have been run as social online courses inside Public Employment Services and as an open MOOC. They were facilitated and moderated by the project team.

It is also possible to run those courses inside your organization, and we are happy to support you with our expertise in adapting and creating new content, moderating the course, or hosting the course on our platform or deploy the platform inside your own organization.






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