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EmployID is a research project aiming at supporting public employment services and their employees in adapting to the changes to their world of work by facilitating the development of their professional identities.

First Review of EmployID: Promising progress

Part of the EmployID team presented the first year's achievements to an expert panel of reviewers at Luxembourg. This included the lessons learned from engaging with various Public Employment Services, the conceptual and evaluation framework as well as the first piloted solutions, such as as Reflective Learning Platform, a Social Learning Programme on FutureLearn, a Labour Market Intelligence tool, and work on learning analytics.

The project's progress was perceived to be be very promising as were the developed concepts. Also the agile approach as well as the integrated team was seen as a strong component in the project. Dissemination and stakeholder engagement was seen as excellent. Both the reviewers and the project members enjoyed the conversations very much, and this is giving the second year another boost. Looking forward to continuing the journey.

EmployID at LearnTec 2015

LearnTec 2015 has been again one of the most important events in learning technologies. Carmen Wolf from KIT, Christine Kunzmann from Pontydygu, and Andreas Schmidt from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences have discussed opportunities for joining forces in developing novel coaching approaches with Elke Berninger-Schäfer and Frank Wernert from CAI World who have developed an innovative virtual coaching platform. CAI is an associate partner who has supported the project activities in the first year and is part of the exploitation strategy of the project.

As part of a Trend forum session, Andreas Schmidt had the opportunity of presenting EmployID to the LearnTec audience.

EmployID Peer Coaching framework goes to Dubai

The EmployID project Coaching to Facilitation Competence Framework was presented, practiced and feedback was gathered at the workshop "Skills for effective guided learning - tools for achieving ambitious learning and innovation goals" at the Interactive Collaborative Learning Conference (part of the 2014 Word Engineering Education Forum). Description: Technology enhanced learning solutions provide a support to a variety of formal and informal learning processes.

EmployID Coaching workshop at ICL2014 Conference

An international audience attended the workshop titled "Skills for effective guided learning - tools for achieving ambitious learning and innovation goals" at the ICL2014 conference, which tool place in Dubai, UAE. The aim of the workshop was to provide participants with a conceptual framework as well as simple and practical coaching tools they can use for effective guided learning, and align their learning objectives with their intrinsic motivation and identified ambitious (empowering) objectives.

EmployID at symposium on coaching supervision in Kassel

EmployID has been invited to the symposium on coaching and supervision at the "Jobcenter" in Kassel, Germany, which had been initiated by the large German supervision association DGSv. Results from the research on coaching and supervision in Jobcenters were presented and discussed. The main target group for this workshop were supervisors and coaches that already work as external or internal supervisors and coaches in German Jobcenters and employees of German Jobcenters who already benefit coaching and supervision or are interested in coaching and supervision.

Clear steer for future project direction from user engagement process

Prof. Jenny Bimrose and Dr. Alan Brown, University of WarwickOur consultations with PES in UK and Slovenia have resulted in a very clear message from the user engagement process. The very good news is that the PES do want support for identity transformation, but the support they want is slightly different from what we were expecting when we drew up our initial description of work, so all facets of the project will now need to respond in an agile way.

Etienne Wenger at ECTEL 2014: 21st century is going to be the century of identity

Etienne Wenger, influential thinker and researcher in the field of learning and knowledge management who is known for his groundbreaking work on communities of practice, has given a keynote at ECTEL 2014 in Graz, Austria. In this inspiring keynote he has shared his views on the challenges of learning for our age. Towards the end of his talk, he highlighted that 

The 21st century is going to be the century of identity

Forming, transforming, developing identity has become increasingly complex with the complexity of the landscapes of knowledge and competences and the individual learning trajectories in this landscape. To the TEL community, he has posed the challenge of finding ways of supporting identity-related processes.

EmployID addresses with its research one important aspect in this challenge: how to facilitate with the use of technology such identity transformation in a professional context. EmployID also adds the collective perspective of identity development.

We're excited to continue on this learning journey to contribute to meeting this challenge!