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EmployID is a research project aiming at supporting public employment services and their employees in adapting to the changes to their world of work by facilitating the development of their professional identities.

Online Educa Berlin Pre-Conference Workshop on the Changing World of Work and the Role of Identities

The world of work is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Technological developments, new management approaches, and the ever-increasing complexity of value creation processes, both challenge individuals and often drive them toward new job roles, resulting in uncertainty and a rethinking of the role of work for personal well-being.

A neglected but crucial aspect to this is professional identity, which is a key factor in developing resilience in a world characterized by uncertainty. It enables a shape change (instead of reacting to change) and determines motivation and openness toward new developments. Supporting the transformation of professional identity is a new frontier in human resource development. It requires a combination of collaborative and individual reflection, coaching and peer support, and it brings the role of narratives and their evolution to the forefront.

In this workshop, we want to engage with participants in a conversation about the role of professional identity as a focus area for learning & development, and how social learning technologies can facilitate it. This includes examples of using social online courses to stimulate reflection, courses and methods to develop coaching & peer facilitation skills, introducing solutions for visualizing and interpreting open data (in the context of labour market information), and the use of narratives to capture experiential knowledge.

EmployID Social Online Course Experiences presented at International Careers Conference in Mexico

A paper, authored by Rachel Mulvey, Jenny Bimrose and Alan Brown, was presented at an international careers conference in Mexico City (29 November – 1st December). The paper was presented under a strand entitled: Technology-enhanced learning, professionalisation, identity and social engagement, guidance practitioners and counsellors. Supporting the professional identity transformation of career and employment practitioners, which is necessary to enable them to rise to the challenges of their new roles, are the key foci of the research project upon which this paper draws. A primary objective of the four year research project, funded by the European Union (2014 – 2018) is to investigate how technology-enhanced learning (TEL) approaches could facilitate identity transformation for careers and employment counsellors. The TEL approaches included the use of blended learning programmes for PES, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for careers and employment counsellors more generally, complemented by the use of on-line labour market information tools as well as on-line support for reflection and peer coaching. This paper reports on blended learning programme delivered to work coaches in one PES and the MOOC delivered to careers and employment counsellors across Europe.

EmployID at EU Presidency Conference on Lifelong Guidance Policy and Practice

EmployID has presented its results and engaged in a conversations with European PES and guidance organization representatives as part of the Guidance Week, which was organized by innove in the context of the Estonian EU Presidency. 

You will find more information about the project, including presentation slides, flyers, and posters here.

Launch of the EmployID Consultancy Network

Over the last three years, EmployID has analyzed, designed, implemented, piloted, and evaluated social learning spaces for facilitating professional identity transformation and what needs to be done to make them successful. We want you to be able to benefit from the experiences we have made, and the productive multidisciplinary collaboration that we have established to address the learning and development needs around professional identity transformation. To ensure that we are a reliable partner in accompaying your journey in the future, the project has set up a consultancy network, combining profound domain expertise, sound and multidisciplinary foundations in state-of-the-art research, with clear customer focus. Get in contact with us!

Stories for Europe Kick-Off

Stories for Europe is an emerging initiative and experiment promoting engaging European narratives that express European values, identity, and, above all, the future of Europe. It is an effort that counter-balances the fear-driven and negative narratives that populist movements have recently spread. Christine Kunzmann and Andreas Schmidt have contributed to the kick-off event at Aachen. The inspiring event has shown, similar to professional identity transformation, that we need spaces for developing identity narratives that reach beyond rational arguments and address emotional aspects, such as uncertainty. One open space session was particularly targetted towards ways of addressing that uncertainty that is shaping the current discourse about the future of Europe. 

The participants agreed on continuing with the experiment in a community-driven way. A next meeting is planned for spring 2018.

Digitalization and Identity Tranformation tools and approaches from EmployID at WAPES Paris 2017

EmployID presented at the “WAPES Paris 2017 Atelier”  organized by PoleEmploi. Pablo Franzolini[Enzyme] presented the Identity Transformation concept . Also, Mr. Franzolini was one of the 3 speakers on a panel discussion about new approaches to support PES organizations innovations towards 2020 and beyond. Pablo presented a pasionate position about how we need to empower our PES practitioners with skills and tools that would enable them to move up a level their lifelong learning path with the more systemic Identity Transformation focus, enabling them to be the engine of innovation at our European PES organizations.

Evaluation of learning interventions in applied research: lessons learned from EmployID at the ECADOC Summer School

Teresa Schaefer from the Centre for Social Innovation - ZSI held a workshop with career researches, as part of the ECADOC summer school 2017. The topic of the summer school was “Career counselling and guidance in times of volatile labour markets and dynamic biographies” and this is, where EmployID perfectly fit into it.

Sentiment Analysis Paper presented at HCI International 2017

HCII is one of the largest HCI conferences, which this year (10 – 14. Jul. 2017) took place in Vancouver, Canada. The conference location was right on the waterfront with a spectacular view of the harbour. The conference included 1,228 papers (with an acceptance rate of 28%). ZSI presented a paper on user experiences around semantic analysis, part of the learning analytics work in EmployID. 

15th European Congress of Psychology, Amsterdam, July 11 – 14

Jenny Bimrose, Rachel Mulvey and Alan Brown attended the ECP conference to present on EmployID. First, Alan and Jenny presented a paper as part of a symposium entitled: Career Transitions in a Global Context: Clients and career practitioner experiences. The title of their paper was: Professional Identity transformation. Second, Rachel and Alan presented a paper in the session entitled: Innovative Methodologies. The title of their paper was: Facilitating professional identity transformation through on-line collaboration.

Both presentations generated considerable interest.

Mutual Learning Experience on Peer Coaching and Coaching Skills in Tallinn, Estonia

On 8th June 2017, the kick-off workshop on peer coaching was co-delivered by Carmen Wolf, Dr Deirdre Hughes and Pablo Franzolini in Tallinn, Estonia in close co-operation with Margit Rammo from Foundation Innove. In total 32 guidance practitioners from youth guidance centres and labour offices in Estonia were introduced to EmployID peer coaching.